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Thelesis Lodge is an active body of the Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O.) based in the Valley of Philadelphia focused on the active embodiment of Thelema, in line with the principles of an O.T.O. Body. Our goals are to propagate and promote the principles of Thelema, to provide a gateway towards initiation into the O.T.O. for those who seek it, and to devote our activities to education and practice.

In 2008, we were granted Lodge status, under the mentorship of Tau Roncellin. Our regular activities include having our ordained clergy perform Gnostic Mass at least twice per month as well as a variety of group rituals, workshops, lectures and classes.

In May of 2007, our Body was privileged to be the first to host Brother David Shoemaker's workshop The Psychological Implications of O.T.O. Initiations. This workshop grew out of a conversation between Brother David and Soror Amy W. after a Pastoral Counseling Workshop hosted by Tahuti Lodge. All who attended the workshop held at Thelesis found it to be thought-provoking and helpful, as it provided a forum for Body Masters and Officers to exchange ideas and offer advice. Brother Shoemaker has since given this workshop at other Local Bodies around the country..

In May of 2008, Thelesis hosted a Kaaba Colloquium. Working with the Kaaba team was an energizing experience and the material presented was so relevant and helpful that we began implementing many of techniques we learned immediately. The event also gave our officers and members the chance to strengthen our relationships with our Brothers and Sisters throughout the mid-Atlantic region, as well as meet many members from other areas of the country for the first time. We had over 50 attendees and were fortunate enough to be able to stage the event at our own Temple, located in a converted factory whose other tenants are artists and creative agencies. Earlier in 2008, Thelesis hosted Certified Initiator's Training workshop overseen by Tau Roncellin. In addition our Lodge has been collaborating with the local artist community and held concerts by regional musicians and even hosted the record release party for international recording artists Fern Knight, whose members often provide musical accompaniment at our Gnostic Masses.

We are proud to announce that 2009 marked our 10th anniversary of publishing the magazine Behutet, which comes out quarterly; The magazine is devoted to "Thelemic Magick & Culture" and features thought provoking contributions from writers from around the world, works of serious scholarship as well as more entertaining pieces.

In the Summer of 2009 two of our members conceived of the Thelema, NOW! podcast and continue to produce twice monthly episodes, hosted at the U.S. Grand Lodge site.

In the Fall of 2012, Thelesis was chartered at Thelesis Oasis and installed a new bodymaster. We thank our old bodymaster for over 10 years of service!

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